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Friday, 3 December 2010

The snow has made it tough!!!!!!!!

The snow over the last week has really impacted on sales and we are still waiting for the Christmas rush to start. We have been watching the weather forecast and the news and to our horror the fashion retailers like ourselves are been hit bad, when will it end. The weather forecast is still bad till Saturday night then a well deserved break for Sunday lets hope customers will flock in there droves to get their Christmas dress and party wear before they get snowed in again next week.

Online sales have not been that strong ether because the Currier's cannot deliver to many parts of the UK as the snow piles up in all regions so expect to have delays on any party dress you may have orded from us at and any other online retailer of party wear, dresses and high fashion. Even the special markets that appear once a year have been canceled like the one in Lincoln.

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