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Monday, 6 December 2010

How is your business coping.

We have been hit badly by snow in the UK and our usual Christmas trade has gone. Shopkeepers have opened their doors but nobody seems to be coming through them. I was talking to one fashion shop who said "we would normally be inundated with customers at this time and 15% of our years takings are made in these 3 weeks running up to Christmas. I am down 30% on last year and I can only put it down to the snow."

With scenes like this all over the UK it is no wonder people are staying indoors.

The online sales figures for Christmas are set to be £11.5 billion, that’s 17 pence for every pound spent. This is a large increase on last years spending and sources say this could be even more due to the bad weather.

Do you have a shop online or offline if so we would like to here how you have been affected.

Please leave a comment and share your experience.


  1. We have a online shop we are still in the growing phase.

  2. Hi just wanted to say I like your blog, very interesting great tips.
    I am mostly into vintage but your things have that vibe.
    Take care Stella from Australia