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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Fashion tips for the Festive season (very funny)

We all want to look our best for Christmas and the new year parties so we thought we would give some fashion "do's and dont's." Be prepared !!!

If you look like this

You are never going to the "bell of the ball" even Gok Wang can't do anything for this one."Ten years younger no ten years too late"

A nice dress can make you look amazing, you may need to wear a shrug to cover them "Bingo wings" that's not too much of a problem but how do you dress this.

Now there is nothing wrong with having a few extra pounds or even stone the problem is how can you dress yourself up for a night out. well I have the only solution to this problem."Bin bag"

Make up is a necessity when getting ready for the party but please do us men a favour.


Have a shave.

 The next task is finding the perfect shoes to go with that dress. We find that a nice pair of heals will do the trick.

Oops maybe we will have to try another idea.

That's better.

Now after all my style tips for the Christmas and New Year you should look stunning, everyone will be admiring your fashion sense and all the woman will be jealous of you, your husband or boyfriend won't be able to wait till he gets you home, I mean I have given you all the tips and tricks to look "Just amazing" and if I have done my job correct you should look something like this.

Yes you have guessed it a right big dogs dinner.


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